Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trailer do I need?

There are many variables to consider when choosing the trailer to fit your needs. What cargo will you be hauling? How much does your cargo weigh? How will you be loading this cargo? Will your trailer be used daily, weekly, monthly? On highway or back roads? After looking through our site we would suggest you contact your local dealer so they can assist you in designing a trailer to fit your specific needs. See our dealer locator section for your nearest dealer.

Can I buy a trailer factory direct?

Our trailers are sold exclusively through our nationwide network of dealers in the United States and Canada. Please use the dealer locator section of this website to find your nearest dealer. If there is a dealer within a reasonable distance or you are dissatisfied with your area dealer please contact us and we will be happy to assist in whatever way necessary to find another dealer for you.

What kind of tow vehicle do I need?

You would need to contact your vehicle manufacturer or dealership to verify the towing capacity of your vehicle. Compare your vehicles towing capacity to the trailers GVWR GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT RATING. Never overload your trailer or tow vehicle.

Do you sell used trailers?

We are a manufacturer, we do not take in trades or stock used trailers. Our nationwide network of dealers would take in trades and stock used trailers. Please see the dealer locator section of this website for your nearest dealer.

Can I save money by picking my trailer up at the factory?

It is possible that picking your trailer up at the factory may save you some money in freight charges. We would suggest you discuss this with your dealer. Dealers generally put multiple trailers together on a load to save freight cost. If you do choose to do a customer pick up at the factory please make sure you are going to have the correct electrical connections, hitch ball, and they are in working order.

How long will it take to get my trailer?

Production times vary greatly throughout the year and will depend on the complexity of your trailer. Your dealer should be able to give you an estimated delivery date upon purchase of your trailer.

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